The Fun & Easy Way To Make Perfect Popcorn Every Time!

Old-Fashioned Popcorn Taste Your Whole Family Will Love!

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  • All-Natural & Lower in Calories
  • No Chemicals Or Artificial Flavors
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Fold Down for Easy Storage
The Irresistible Snack You Love Is Now Better For You!
Everyone loves a bowl of hot, fresh popcorn, but expensive microwave bags & messy stovetop poppers add oil & artificial flavors, burn easily & leave unpopped kernels behind!

Now there’s finally a way to get perfectly popped, low-calorie popcorn anytime you want! 

FlavorQuik’s unique shape circulates all-natural steam heat to give you a healthier snack in just minutes without added fats or oils. 

Healthy & delicious has never been so simple!
Create Your Own Unique Flavor Combination!
Make flavor-filled caramel popcorn for a sweet & salty treat!
Add salt & vinegar for a tangy snack attack that's guaranteed to please!
Turn up the flavor on movie night with butter or cheddar cheese!

 A Snacking Sensation in 3 Simple Steps!
  • Easy To Use! Just put kernels in bowl, add your favorite flavors, & POP in the microwave for a tasty snack in minutes!
  • Healthy & Fun! All-natural steam-popping without artificial flavors, fat or chemicals means healthier snacking for the whole family. 
  • Saves You Money! Just one $5 jar of kernels in Flavor Quik pops OVER 15 delicious bowls!
  • Fast Clean-Up! Pop & serve in the same bowl, then simply stick FlavorQuik in your dishwasher to clean!
  • More Than Just Popcorn! Add tortillas & cheese to get easy Nachos Supreme, or melt marshmallows & chocolate on graham crackers for yummy S’mores!
The POPabilities Are Endless with FlavorQuik!
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